B2B Panel

Access the Opinions of Business Professionals

Having a hard time reaching the C-Suite?

It’s not simply about asking the right questions. It’s about asking the right people, too. we can source C-Suite Executives, Directors, and Managers that have key decision making authority. In addition to our non-profit relationships, Op4G also utilizes Trade Association partners to help drive certain audiences into your online surveys. This approach allows our clients to have access to the ‘right’ sample every time. The advantage to this portal is invaluable to our differentiation.

B2B Segmentation by

  • Company revenue/number of employees
  • Industry
  • Job title/role in company


General Business: C-suite, Small business owners, Financial decision makers, Financial advisors, VP level and above, ITDM/DMs, HR DMs, Marketers

Industrial: General contractors, Remodelers, HVAC, Architects, Painters, Welders, Plumbers,Farmers

Services: Teachers and Administrators, Bartenders, Lawyers, Hotel employees, Restaurant owners, Chefs, C-store operators