Our people make your projects go.

Op4G nurtures and maintains a quality, engaged membership panel built to support our market research clients and to benefit non-profit organizations.

Our unique approach to recruiting yields a highly engaged group of people who, as respondents, are dedicated to helping our market research clients fulfill their information needs.

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Motivated Participants

The people on our panel act as respondents and cannot be found elsewhere; their vested interest in community and their personal role means they are thoughtful, motivated, and aware of the world around them.

Data Reliability

In addition to RelevantID® digital fingerprinting, Op4G uses a number of standard and proprietary methods to validate Members’ information as being unique and accurate.

Robust Demographics

Members fill out demographic information upon enrolling and must regularly update their demographics. Clients have access to robust, vital, and current population segments, including hard-to-reach, medium-to-high net-worth professional respondents.