How many countries have you traveled to, and where was your favorite?

I’ve visited 14 countries. Japan is my favorite.

Get to know Nancy...

What excites you the most about the work you're doing in market research?

I enjoy working with clients to ensure that their research answers their business questions. This work involves looking at the project from a high level all the way to debating optimal wording in a survey and how to best present the findings. Every project, client, and day is different!

What advice would you give to others wanting to enter the market research industry?  

Participate in research projects and surveys. You will experience well-designed instruments as well as those that are not. This will help you keep the participant’s view in mind when designing projects in the future.

Where can we find you on the weekends? 

At the beach walking my dog

Do you have any pets?

Our dog Xena has a little bit of everything in her!

This or that?

Movies or books?


Indoor activities or outdoors?


Morning or night?


Pizza: deep dish or thin crust?

Deep dish