B2B Panel

Access the Opinions of Business Professionals

Having a hard time reaching the C-Suite?

It’s not simply about asking the right questions. It’s about asking the right people, too. Op4G is able to source C-Suite Executives, Directors, and Managers that have key decision-making authority. In addition to our nonprofit relationships, Op4G also utilizes Trade Association partners to help drive high-quality audiences into your online surveys. This approach allows our clients to have access to the ‘right’ sample every time.

B2B Segmentation by

  • Company Revenue/Number of Employees
  • Industry
  • Job title/Role
  • Decision-Making Authority


General Business: C-Suite, Small Business Owners, Financial Decision Makers, Financial Advisors, VP Level and Above, IT Decision Makers, Human Resources Decision Makers, Marketers

Industrial: General Contractors, Remodelers, HVAC, Architects, Painters, Welders, Plumbers, Farmers

Services: Teachers and Administrators, Bartenders, Lawyers, Hotel employees, Restaurant Owners, Chefs, C-Store Operators