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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Our core strengths lie in our ability to craft tailored solutions that effectively address a client’s unique research project needs.  

Here are some key facets of what makes Op4G tick: 

  • Customized Solutions: We believe in a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach and work diligently to develop bespoke solutions that align with your research objectives, making us a versatile partner in the research industry.   
  • Robust Sample Reach:  Our expertise spans various sectors, including consumer, patient, caregiver, and B2B samples. This diverse knowledge base enables us to serve clients from a wide range of industries and research niches, ensuring that we can meet the specific demands of your project. 
  • Full-Service Capability: We’re a lot more than just a sample provider. We offer end-to-end full-service solutions encompassing all stages of the research process. From project management support to survey design and consultation, programming and hosting, data processing, and reporting and analysis, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that simplify your research endeavors. 
  • Research & Project Management Excellence: Our experienced Project Managers are the backbone of seamless project execution. We take pride in our ability to keep timelines, budgets, and resources in check, allowing you to focus on the insights generated from your research. Our Research Managers bring a wealth of industry experience and specialized knowledge to each project helping to deepen insights and strategic application of research endeavors.
  • Data Quality Commitment: We understand that data quality issues are inherent in the industry, but our dedication to working together to combat unscrupulous entities ensures that we make significant strides. We’re committed to helping you unlock valuable insights by being your transparent and reliable data partner. 

When you team up with Op4G for your research project, you’re in for a partnership that’s all about close collaboration, customized solutions, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. We begin by taking a holistic approach to understanding our client’s objectives and expectations for the project. Throughout the project, clients have a clear line of communication with their project team. As a client, you will remain completely dialed into project progress and milestones every step of the way.  

Our approach is rooted in maintaining transparency, proactively solving problems, and delivering high-quality work that exceeds your standards. Building long-lasting client relationships is a priority, as we actively seek input and value your feedback to improve our services continually. When you choose Op4G, you’re choosing a partnership built on trust, crystal-clear communication, and our shared commitment to achieving research excellence together. 

Absolutely! We offer all kinds of market research solutions, including end-to-end full-service projects. Whether you need one piece of the pie or the whole thing, we can help. Full-service research includes survey design and consultation, program and hosting, data processing, reporting, and analysis. We can also support advanced analytics, including MaxDiffs, Conjoints, DCM, and TURF Analysis.  

Op4G provides project management support for all our research projects, regardless of size. We’re all about streamlining the process and providing the best research experience. We match you with one of our skilled project managers based on your research goals and project complexity. Coming back for another research project or have multiple study waves? Clients can request to be assigned the same project manager. This continuity ensures consistency and leads to faster project setup times, making it easier to get projects into the field swiftly. 

At Op4G, we steadfastly believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility. Our robust technology-driven data quality measures are just one piece of the puzzle. From meticulously examining your surveys to providing expert consultation on approaches that yield superior data quality, we are committed to raising the bar together. Download our Data Quality Commitment one-pager on the ‘Resources page for a complete list of our data quality measures. 

For fraud prevention, Op4G entrusts a variety of technology-driven tools. On the front end, these tools include ReCAPTCHA, CleanID, Op4G’s proprietary technology system that controls real-time survey access, and unique respondent ID tracking. As part of our program and host offerings, we’ll replace any less-than-stellar respondents before reporting and analysis. Additionally, we only partner with sample sources with the same rigorous data quality standards as ours. Download our Data Quality Commitment one-pager on the ‘Resources’ page for a complete list of fraud prevention measures.  

The price of a market research project varies widely based on several factors, including the scope and complexity of the research, methodologies used, target audience, sample size, and final reporting deliverables. Op4G consults with clients at the beginning of every project to understand research objectives and budget constraints. Every project is customized to fit our client’s unique needs and challenges.  

When starting a market research project, five key pieces of information are helpful. The five essential details that will assist us in tailoring our services to your specific needs are the geographical region of your research, indicating the desired sample size (N) for your completed interviews, sharing the expected length of interview (LOI), your target audience’s demographics, and lastly inform us about the anticipated incidence rate (IR) after targeting.   

If you’re unsure about any of these details, don’t worry; Op4G is here to assist. Simply reach out to us, and our expert team can guide you in collecting the necessary information and setting your research project on the right path. 

We’ve got you covered if you need help breaking down language barriers to connect with respondents from different linguistic backgrounds. For in-language and multi-country studies, we have several options to ensure your research is accurate. Our team is acutely aware of common question types that need to be localized, including demographics, currency, and education. We can consult with clients on some tips and best practices to make their surveys localized if necessary. Our translation and localization services can be customized to fit your unique needs and budget constraints.

Yes! We understand that research knows no boundaries, and our capabilities are aligned to support clients with diverse geographic needs. Through our extensive partnership networks, our recruitment capabilities help connect you with individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and demographics, enabling you to gather insights on a global scale. Leveraging our experience, we seamlessly navigate cultural sensitivities, time zone differences, and logistical challenges. Our primary geographic reach includes countries within North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. To determine our capacity to meet your global project requirements, contact Op4G with your study requirements. 

Yes, Op4G is compliant and follows the protocols outlined by GDPR and ISO/IEC 2700X standards. Those seeking Op4G’s latest version of “ESOMAR’s Questions to Help Buyers of Online Sample” may reach out to request a copy. 

We’ve got your back and are ready to roll up our sleeves to get to work. Simply contact us via our website forms and a member of our client success team will be in touch to get started on your next research project. 

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